The Black Future Month Initiative.

The Black-Future-Month.Org initiative offers talented and motivated content creators an exclusive staging area for their shows, along with advanced training in production, sponsorship, and marketing.

These independent producers are asked to submit three episodes of their show for consideration; those who are selected to join the project will have their work featured on our network hub.

Once online, each show producer will be offered creative training to advance their practical skills in filming, sound, titling and graphics, and editing, as well as business mentorship toward the goal of procuring sponsors for their brand, enabling them to expand their creative tools and create and add further 3 episode seasons.

The goal is for each creator to establish an independently funded creative channel which can be sustained through local business partners, and then built upon.


This scalable and dynamic program serves as a mentorship / entrepreneurship development course, complete with a digital business model and talent incubator. Working with marginalized schools, our business model of talent development can direct deliver on the potential of self-generated content to generate equality in the digital world.

While we run our offering with efficiency and thrift always top of mind, maintaining our modest practical operating budget requires partnership with businesses wishing to invest in inclusion by creating opportunity. By enabling this exclusive and unique work training, supporters become producers of art that, without their help, would never be revealed, created, or exhibited.

Your support supports a new base for next generation accessibility. We bridge the digital divide by providing a simple and scalable architecture for the creation and display of original content, amplifying voices seldom heard even in this age of media ubiquity.


The core of this project is our talent; it is their initiative that this initiative is made of.

Our first three featured creators will share their shows beginning in April; many more creators have submitted incredible work and will join them this year, establishing a catalog of exciting offerings from this unique and powerful voice within the Black experience.

Season One of The Black-Future-Month.Org Initiative was collaboratively created by Keith Jones, co-founder of KripHop Nation and Soulful Media Works, Safiya Eshe Gyasi, Tameka Spruce, Diana Elizabeth Jordan, and editor Trelanda Lowe.

Keith Jones will represent and curate and expand the slate, and michaels.adams. will assist BFM producers in focusing their offerings and sharpen their skills.

Become a part of our future. Directly support black voices, talent, drive, and vision.
To become a sponsor, contact Keith Jones by clicking the email link below.